At Wellness Warrior, we strive to provide the best service we can. As a company focusing on wellness and practical products for your everyday use, we certainly don't want you hanging on hoping for an answer.

You're free to contact us by email at support@wellnesswarrior.co, but there's a good chance that the answer to your questions are just below!

What is your returns policy?

We have a 15-day return policy for all products from the date of product delivery. If you are not happy with the product or you have changed your mind, please contact us via email at support@wellnesswarrior.co to commerce the refund process.

Please note that we do ask you to bear the cost of returning the product to us, and if the product is not in the condition it was when you received it then we may refuse your application for a refund.

You can view our full refunds & cancellations policy here.

What are the shipping options and shipping time?

Worldwide, we provide stable and consistent shipping via air freight. Shipping time is between 12-20 days, and varies depending on availability of stock and air cargo space.

Even as the Covid-19 virus continues to see closures and slowdowns, we are working endlessly to ensure timely delivery of your products. We appreciate your understanding as there may be a further one to two week delay on product delivery for international customers.

We have a package tracking page on our website! Please visit the "track my product" page for updates. If you can't find the tracking code in the emails we have sent to you, then feel free to contact us with your order number, and we will happily notify you of your shipping time.

You can track your order here.

What are the international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?

For all customers, our prices include all relevant government taxes and duties, and as ever, our shipping cost remains free of charge!

What do I do if I never received my order?

Whoops! There's a few reasons why a product may not reach you, all the way from a forgetful airline clerk, to the postman giving the product to your neighbour.

While the likelihood of this happening is low, please send us an email and notify us of any problems, and we will be sure to help find a solution.

Visit the Contact Us Page to get in touch.

And please note that you can track your order here!

Does the product I have bought come with a warranty?

We offer 12-month warranties depending on the product purchased. Please see the page for the individual product purchased for further details.

To initiate the warranty process, please contact us by email to notify us of any issues with your product. We will provide you with a return address and we will assess the product and then send out a replacement ASAP.

We do ask that you bear the cost of returning the product to us, and in the case that we do not find any clear problems with the product, we may refuse your request for a refund. Please note that you will need to provide video or photographic evidence of the product fault.

How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

If you have a change of address or similar request while the product is being sent to you, then please contact us. We strive to be as helpful as possible and will endeavour to find a suitable solution.

Where are you located?

We are a 100% Australian owned company, specialising in sourcing from all over the world. Our two directors have extensive experience in eCommerce, and are currently based in Shanghai.

How is the product made?

We source our products from all over the world, and there isn't a product you buy from us that we don't use and test ourselves.

We are big believers in our products and on giving you the best experience possible!

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