Consistency! Millionare Morning Rituals

The secret for many successful people is their Morning Routine. The key word is consistency

After studying self-made millionares for five years, author of the best-seller, "Rich Habits," Tom Corley, found that almost 50% of them woke up three or more hours before the start of their workday.

What do they do with their time? And how could this precious 'morning time', uninhibited by distractions, contribute to their success?



Speaking of self-made millionaires, today we'll take a look at Tim Ferris' Five Morning Rituals. Tim is a best-selling author and entrepreneur and has interviewed hundreds of accomplished people. 

Along the way, he's asked many of them about their morning routine. Lucky for us, Tim has done the hard work and experimented with their suggestions. Let's get into it!



1. Tim makes his bed

“No matter how s***ty your day is… you can make your bed” 

Making your bed in the morning means that you've already accomplished something on your to-do list. This gives you momentum to keep ticking off goals throughout the rest of your day.


2. Tim meditates

Tim says that most successful people he knows practice mindfulness. In a bid to improve his emotional control, Tim meditates every morning for 20 minutes.

For newbies, he suggests trying a meditation app, such as Headspace or Calm, or listening to a guided meditation, such as those from Sam Harris or Tara Brach. 

Meditation is a great way to calm your mind and gain the clarity neeeded to tackle a busy day.



3. Tim exercises

Tim does 10 pushups daily.

“The 5 to 10 reps here are not a workout,” he says. “They are intended to ‘state prime’ and wake me up. Getting into my body, even for 30 seconds, has a dramatic effect on my mood and quiets mental chatter.” 

This is a great way to get in touch with your body and ready yourself for your day. After this, Tim takes an ice-cold shower to further kick his body into gear.



4. Tim hydrates

Drinking water after waking up is essential to hydrating your body. Tim takes it one step further with his "Titanium Tea" concoction. It consists of Pu'er and Dragon Well tea from China, a teaspon of turmeric, ginger shavings and MCT oil. 

He recommends his super tea for cognition and fat loss. He got his taste for Chinese tea after spending time in the Middle Kingdom learning Chinese. 



5. Tim journals

Tim 's journalling alternates betwen problem solving and gratitude.

His problem solving journalling allows him to get unstuck when he faces obstacles.

When it comes to gratitude, he considers four categories: An old relationship that has helped him, an opportunity in that day, something great that happened the day before and something simple that is nearby or within sight. 



Tim admits that he only ticks off all five of his rituals about 30% of the time. Despite this, even completing one of them is going to have a positive effect. In fact, he states that when he ticks off three, the rest of his day is almost certain to be a home run.

We hope this simple Morning Ritual inspires you to start making simple changes to improve your wellbeing.

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